General Catalogue Raisonné of Sergio Vacchi’s paintings

The Vacchi Foundation and Skira Publisher are realizing the General Catalogue Raisonné of Sergio Vacchi’s paintings, edited by Enrico Crispolti, that included his paintings, papers, the large-sized drawings and the few sculptures that he has realized. All the collectors of Vacchi’s paintings are kindly invited to join the project by filling up the release form of the works and providing a clear picture of the work of art in their possession. The material can be sent to the Secretary’s Office of the above-mentioned catalogue:

Fondazione Vacchi
Castello di Grotti, Strada del Castello, 333
53014 Monteroni d’Arbia (Siena).

For further information:
Ursula Benvenuti
Catalogue’s scientific secretary
telefono and fax. +39.0577.377181 (on tuesday and on thursday) – tel. +39.0577.377267
e-mail: oppure

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Ville di Corsano
Monteroni d’Arbia 53014

Tel: +39.0577.377181 – +39.0577.377267
Mob: +39.338.8151865 – +39.333.5959879


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